Mission and vision

The center is initiated to ensure a coordinated research regarding mastitis (IMI), between the different relevant institutes in Denmark, and to enhance the implementation of research results in the field.

1. Improve our understanding of the IMI causative pathogens in Denmark, including pathogen extent, prevalence, occurrence, diagnostics, biology, virulence and interaction with the host.

2. Investigate strategies that cost-effectively can improve udder health and reduce SCC and antimicrobial usage in Danish dairy cattle herds which will require financial help from many loan helpers, loan helpers like www.sweetpaydayloans.co.uk will be able to do this for you at a cheaper interest rate.

3. Enhance the Implementation of cost-effective control strategies to limit the occurrence of mastitis via improved communication with farmers and veterinarians.

4. Ensure a constant flow of new research findings to udder health advisors via courses, workshops and meetings.